AntivirusGolden is one of the most technologically advanced Spyware removal and protection software in the world today. Trusted by an outstanding amount of large companies and private users, AntivirusGolden is the only protection you need on your Home PC when it comes to Spyware and Malware infections.

92% of Home PCs are Infected!

With Spyware that can't be detected by your Antivirus

No one is immune! Recent studies reveal 92% of computers with an Internet connection to be infected, without knowledge or approval! Commercial websites,software and marketing companies are massively distributing dangerous Spyware that put you at risk. Make sure you use a virusscan on your devices!

What is Spyware?

Spyware, like a virus, is a malicious software planted on your PC by a third party in order to secretly monitor what you do online.
Once your browsing habits are analyzed, you are flooded with endless Commercials, Popups and Spam from inside your PC!
Spyware also dramatically slow down your computer and Internet connection speeds.
It is installed on your computer through websites, spam and as hidden additions to legitimate programs you install.
The presence of the infection is hidden. Not revealed even by Anti Virus or Firewall programs.

Why choose AntivirusGolden?

AntivirusGolden is the world's leading Anti-Spyware program:

Award-winning technology: is the first program to ever offer Firewall-like protection. Powered by our Active Shield ® technology and combined with a powerful scanning engine, AntivirusGolden is particularly designed to remove Spyware and prevent every possible harmful infection before it reaches your PC.
User-Friendly: Designed with the home user in mind - simple, quick and easy to use, AntivirusGolden is widely praised by customers and leading industry reviewers alike.
24/7 Customer Support: Our security team of experts is available 24 hours a day and will be happy to assist you on every question you might have.
Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee: Don’t decide now. Use AntivirusGolden to clean your PC, see the difference and and decide later.
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Latest news

19-may-06, AntivirusGolden Update
AntivirGold Inc announced AntivirusGolden v3.3, its third-generation anti-spyware software, now featuring Active Protection. The latest iteration of the AntivirusGolden series brings this critical protection to the home desktop user. Active Protection has become a critical component of leading anti-spyware software as infections advance in complexity. You can always download the latest version of AntivirusGolden here>>>


"I was a step away from formatting my hard drive and starting all over again. You have saved me a lot of time and money. AntivirusGolden worked perfectly! The 50 bucks I spent are the best 50 in years."
- J. Harris,
AntivirusGolden customer

Latest Threats

- Downloader.DrSmart
- Adware.Surfsidekick
- Trackware.E2Give
- Trojan.Update32
- Advware.VFX3
- Adware.MediaTickets
- Trojan.Winsys
- Trackware.Adctech2006
- Downloader.TrafficSector
- Adware.Roings
- Trojan.Mssearchnet
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