"I was a step away from formatting my hard drive and starting all over again. You have saved me a lot of time and money. AntivirusGolden worked perfectly! The 50 bucks I spent are the best 50 in years."
- J. Harris, AVG Customer

AntivirusGolden True Stories

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about AntivirusGolden. These are candid and largely unedited comments, arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.

"This program is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the Internet searching for an effective antispyware program. Downloaded and installed many of them to try, some of them were hundreds of dollars. None of them compared to AntivirusGolden. It's so easy and user friendly. The price is the BEST for what you get."
Jim, Ohio

"I'm just thankful that I can sit down and use my computer without lots of annoying pop-ups and adverts. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!"
Jane, LA.

"I have been in search of an antispyware program that was rich in features but was unable to find one until I came upon AntivirusGolden. Not only does it have all-inclusive integrated functionality, but their support team has provided me with superior support. My PC is now clean from parasites. Thank you very much!"
Mike, Montana

"I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with AntivirusGolden. I have been consistently receiving a number of pop-ups, sometimes even porno pop-ups! I had to forbid my children to use the computer. That was until I purchased AntivirusGolden. My PC is clean now and available to my kids. I think what you do is great. Thank you."
Bertie, Australia

"I installed AntivirusGolden a week ago, and now, 7 days later I'm very happy to use my computer – it became faster and there are no annoying pop-ups!"
Jo, the Netherlands

"I am very pleased with your program! It is a great alternative to major antispyware programs! I love the features you guys have built into AntivirusGolden. And its price is great, too! Thank you for making my life easier."
Bryan, Oklahoma

"AntivirusGolden has been the easiest and most effective antispyware program I have tested (I have tried about 10 so far). Your support and assistance has been exceptional, especially when you consider the time difference, distance and time of year. You are to be congratulated."
Sandra P., Australia

"I purchased your program yesterday and I am very impressed. It is not only easy to use, but really effective – no more stupid ads in my toolbar in 24 hours! I purchased the program the very moment I saw it, and the only thing I regret about is that I did not do that earlier."
Dan, Philadelphia

"Thanks for your emails and the tips. We are not very computer literate and were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to use the program. But your support walked us through the whole process. Thank you very much. We also found your software to be extremely user friendly and comprehensive to meet the needs of any user."
Elizabeth and Ron, Oregon

"AntivirusGolden is really simple to use, works great and keeps my computer clean from infections. I want to say THANK YOU for having developed such a product."
Alison, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"I am VERY impressed with your program and will be happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to save his time, money and computer! Awesome program...thanks for making my life better!"
Miriam, Silver Spring, MD, USA

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